5 Products Which You Should Always Have While Travelling

Travelling and lacking preparation time? You can use this ideal travel makeup kit to help with touch-ups and keep your makeup fresh all day long.

It could seem tough to apply makeup while moving about. Also, the time constraint can make us anxious. Yet carrying a bag of makeup around you in all instances is not practical. Hence, we’ve picked together some beauty essentials that you should always carry with you. So let’s get started.

1. BB Cream

Hassle-free. By eliminating the need for foundation or concealer from your travelling makeup routine, BB Cream saves time. Indulge in a product that is both inexpensive and good for your skin. We advise Rimmel BB Cream 9-In-1, ELF BB Cream Nude, and Maybelline New York Super BB Ultra Sheer BB Cream because of this. To maintain your skin healthy, happy, and bright, it contains the ideal texture, SPF, and moisture.

2. Cheek and Lip Tints

Tints are practical and incredibly simple to use. You only need to apply a bit on the cheeks and lip area and you’re good to go not just while travelling but also in your everyday makeup routine. If you are looking for local ones go for Mana Beauty Organic Lip and Cheek tint or for an affordable one we have seen all bloggers rave about She Glam Colour Bloom Liquid Blush or The Body Shop Cheek and Lip Tint. Our shopping cart will always contain the Benefit Cosmetics Liquid Lip Blush & Cheek Tint and the Rare Beauty Cheek and Lip Tint if you want to go for globally loved ones. You can go for a classic pink shade in these or a peach or red one for a change but it’ll stay for the whole day keeping you stressing less about the touchups.

3. Sunscreen

At this point, avoiding sunscreen is illegal. Sunscreen is a year-round need regardless of where you go or where you are. It shields the face from the sun’s rays and avoids tanning and blemishes that are not desired especially while travelling. Our preferred is CeraVe Hydrating Sunscreen Lotion (SPF 30) or Neutrogena Sunscreen (SPF 45) but the more the SPF the better.

4. Mascara

For those lashes that are longer and stronger, we adore fantastic mascara to shape your eyes in your travel pictures. We have gone through plenty of mascaras, but Maybelline’s Colossal, Falsies LashLift and Loreal Lash Paradise are the best. There are no clusters and a lovely finish.

5. Eye Pencil

Consider using an eye pencil that is not liquid. It will be simple to apply, and there won’t be any needless risks of it smearing or creating a mess, especially in your vacation pictures. The L’Oreal Paris Cosmetics Infallible Pro-Last Pencil Eyeliner, Maybelline Colossal, and NYX Jumbo Pencil are great products.

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