Details Of What Feroze Khan And His Wife Wore At Their Wedding

Feroze Khan's wedding broke away from celebrity norms, showcasing chic simplicity and eco-friendly fashion choices.

The world of celebrity weddings is often synonymous with extravagance, opulence, and larger-than-life celebrations. However, Pakistani heartthrob Feroze Khan’s recent nuptials took a refreshing turn, captivating the attention of fans and fashion enthusiasts alike. Now, let’s explore the style choices that made his nuptials stand out, especially in terms of what the bride and groom wore.

Amidst the buzz of social media, Feroze Khan, known for his roles in popular dramas like ‘Khaani‘ and ‘Khuda Aur Muhabbat‘ made headlines once again as he welcomed his new bride into his life. The actor’s heartfelt caption, “Welcome to my life, gorgeous,” accompanied by pictures of their alleged mayoun ceremony, quickly went viral, following warm wishes and congratulations from fans and fellow celebrities.

What stood out in these viral images was not just the beaming smiles of the newlyweds but also their understated and elegant wedding attire. In a world where celebrity weddings often showcase extravagant designer ensembles, Feroze Khan and his bride opted for a more moderate and sustainable approach to their wedding outfits, garnering praise and sparking discussions among netizens.

Feroze Khan, known for his impeccable style on and off-screen, donned an embroidered beige kurta from designer Komal Chawla. What made this choice even more noteworthy was that Khan repeated this kurta, showcasing a commitment to sustainability and mindful fashion choices. The kurta, previously worn by the actor at a fashion show, made a statement about reusing and celebrating timeless pieces instead of succumbing to the culture of excessive consumption.

Feroze Khan's wedding attire

On the other hand, Khan’s wife, Dua, looked radiant in a coral pink dress from Afrozeh’s wedding formal collection. What’s remarkable about her outfit choice was not just its elegance but also its affordability, priced at only Rs. 18,500. In a time where wedding dresses often come with hefty price tags, Dua’s decision to opt for a budget-friendly yet stunning ensemble highlights a shift towards practicality and conscious spending.

Feroze Khan's wife Dua's wedding attire

However, as with any viral moment, netizens had mixed reactions to Feroze Khan and Dua’s wedding attire. Some lauded them for their simplicity, sustainability, and budget-friendly choices.


Others found humour in the stark contrast between Khan’s previous lavish wedding and his current understated one. Some even jokingly remarked that Khan should have at least looked more “groom-like” in his attire.

In a world where celebrity weddings often set unrealistic standards and promote excessive spending, Feroze Khan and Dua’s wedding serves as a refreshing reminder of the beauty and charm that simplicity and sustainability can bring. Their chic yet mindful choices not only made a fashion statement but also sparked conversations about redefining wedding norms and embracing a more conscious approach to celebrating love and union.