‘Bado Badi’ Singer Chahat Fateh Ali Khan Announces Debut Film ‘Sabaq’

Chahat Fateh Ali Khan brings his signature style to the big screen with his debut film 'Sabaq', promising a hilarious and insightful look at the life of a social media influencer.

The world of digital media is abuzz as Chahat Fateh Ali Khan, the viral internet sensation, steps into the film industry with his debut movie ‘Sabaq‘. Known for his unique and engaging online presence, especially for the song ‘Bado Badi‘, Khan shared the trailer of his first film on YouTube, announcing, “My first film, Sabaq, releasing on Eid Mubarak day, InshaAllah.”

Directed by Faraz Ahmed, ‘Sabaq‘ is set to be a comedic exploration of contemporary themes such as second marriages and the social media influencer culture. The trailer, which has quickly gained popularity, showcases Khan in his familiar and beloved style. He is seen portraying himself, capturing his characteristic video snippets on his phone, and delivering his iconic catchphrase, “King of hearts, Chahat Fateh Ali Khan, all the way from London.”

Sabaq‘ promises to bring a humorous yet insightful take on modern societal issues. By playing himself, Khan adds an element of authenticity to the film. The storyline weaves through the intricacies of modern relationships and the digital age, making it a relatable and anticipated release for fans and comedy lovers.

Khan’s move into the film industry is a significant step in his evolving career. Known for his viral singing videos that have captivated millions, this film debut represents a new chapter. ‘Sabaq‘ aims to entertain and bring joy to audiences during the festive season of Eid Mubarak.

Before his fame as an internet personality, he was a first-class cricketer in Pakistan. He represented Lahore in the Quaid-e-Azam Trophy during the 1983-84 season, playing two matches and scoring 16 runs. This transition from sports to digital fame, and now to film and politics showcases his diverse talents and interests.

Khan’s fans eagerly await his big-screen debut, looking forward to the blend of humour and authenticity that he is known for. The cast is yet to be announced.