5 Struggles Only People With Glasses Will Understand: The Consequences of Using Glasses

The glamorous life with glasses may only seem glamorous because the struggles behind it are real. Here are a few struggles glasses wearers go through.

“Beta carrots khaya karo,” said every aunty ever when they saw you with glasses.

Ah, the rewards and dangers of being a soldier with spectacles! In a society where 20/20 vision is the norm, we glasses-wearers have a special outlook on life. Our dependable frames have seen everything, from amusing mistakes to titanic struggles. Come on a fanciful voyage as we learn about the hilarious experiences that accompany wearing glasses. You’re due for a treat, whether or not you’ve worn glasses since you were a kid or just became part of the select group of people with four eyes. Let’s go right into the fascinating world of optical anomalies!

Do you wear glasses? Then this article is for you to read and relate to.

Glasses and Car AC/Masks Don’t Mix

Yes, my perfect vision friends, car ACs are our worst nightmare, especially in a humid country. This struggle of finding a clean, soft cloth to wipe your glasses off the fog when you leave the car with the AC on is something only spectacle wearers understand. And to add to that, COVID-19 time with masks was a nightmare for us too, with fog accumulating on our glasses every time we breathed.

The Unnecessary Pieces of Advice 

“Lasik ka socha hai kabhi?”; “Rishtay milna mushkil hojaye ge”; “Carrots khaya karo”; and many more home remedies you will hear about from aunties when they see you with glasses. This comes with wearing spectacles, and you can’t do anything about it, so embrace it and nod your head. And that one question everyone will ask you: “Are your eyes weak, or is it just for fashion?” You may also hear “buhat pyaari ankhein thi” with a sad face when people first see you wearing them.

Losing Your Glasses Everywhere Is a Norm 

It’s like a constant hide-and-seek game with your glasses. And the minutes wasted trying to figure out where you last took off your glasses and then trying to find them with your weak vision is something only glass wearers will understand. Oh, and let us not forget the fear of us or someone else sitting on them or crushing them.

Debacle of the Rain Dance

It seems as though Mother Nature has an internal vendetta towards our lenses as soon as the initial drops start to fall. As we anxiously struggle for clarity through the hazy pandemonium, we quickly master the windscreen wiper glasses technique. Umbrella? It’s more of a protection against blindness!

The Pain of High Fashion

A grand fantasy novel adventure may be written about choosing glasses. We’ve been coveting those stylish, big spectacles for months. Nope. They occupy our ordinary glasses in an odd manner, much like a surprise visitor at an event.

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