5 Things To Never Say To Introverts

Introverts may get easily hurt or become awkward due to some sentences or in some scenarios. Here are some sentences which you should avoid.

Introverts make up one-third of the population of the world. They do need time alone in public events to recharge and that is why they may come off as rude or shut off from the world. Here are some things wallflower personalities hear which may make them feel awkward.

“Don’t be reserved”

This is a characteristic of an introvert, so telling them to be not themselves will definitely make them awkward. It is not important that everyone recharges themselves when they are in public events, some do so while sitting at home watching Netflix.

“Beautiful day, isn’t it?”

Small talk isn’t the most strong suit of introverts and forcing them to do so when you know them well is annoying for them. It isn’t because they are rude but they exhaust themselves talking to people they would rather talk about something that actually is interesting for them.

“Are you OK?”

This question isn’t harmful, it is just that if it is asked again and again it can become quite annoying. It is a valid question if someone is concerned as it is hard to read introverts. Although introverts listen more than speak.

“You Need To Get Out More.”

Yes we know we need to but don’t keep on telling us this! It is important for introverts to spend time with themselves to recharge and they feel relaxed when they are alone. And they know how to enjoy their own company.

“Don’t be shy?”

Being an introvert and being shy are two completely different things. Introverts can be shy but not necessarily. Being shy means you may feel uncomfortable or tense but being an introvert means they need time alone to bounce back.

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