6 Last Minute Gift Ideas For Your Special Someone on Valentine/Galentine Day

Valentines/Galentines day is just around the corner and with that comes the worries of finding the perfect gift. Here is a list of last-minute gift ideas.

Did you forget it is Valentine/Galentine day after a couple of days? Are you still confused about what to get your partner or best friend for Valentine?

I know the hassle of finding the perfect unique gift and staying away from getting those cliche valentine chocolates? Here are a few gift ideas that will make your day special and make them smile.

Fancy Valentine’s Brownies or Cookies

If your partner or best friend has a sweet tooth, this is something different from your traditional chocolates or chocolate-dipped strawberries. This can also be an addition to your other gifts. You can get them customized, if you have a day or two left, and gift them in a cute tin or box.

You can get them from SugariesbyMehwish at https://sugaries.com.pk/ and Sugar Drizzle https://sugardrizzle.pk/index.html

Valentine/Galentine day

Cute and Delicious Smelling Candle or a Diffuser

Who doesn’t love a good smelling room? This is perfect for both your Valentine and Galentine. This last-minute gift can be paired with any other gift ideas on the list. Vanilla, Jasmine or Lavender scented candle is one of the best.

You can buy good-smelling candles from Colish https://www.colishco.com/ and Karachi Candle Company https://karachicandlecompany.com/

Valentine/Galentine day

A Care Package (A gift for both of you)

This is a gift idea and can be a date idea, all in one. Make a care package with face, hand and feet masks, candles, robes, essential oils, snacks and more. You can include just for them or for you as well and have a spa day with your partner or best friend and unwind on Valentines/Galentines day.

You can get masks and other skincare goodies from Brandsatdoor https://brandsatdoor.com/ and Naheed https://www.naheed.pk/

Valentine/Galentine day

Cozy Set of Pjs

Who doesn’t love comfort? PJs are the perfect way to feel comfortable and if you are planning to hang out indoors during the holiday then this is the perfect gift so you can be comfortable during your at-home dinner and Netflix marathon. And you can get matching pairs to wear on Valentine/Galentine day!

You can find comfortable PJs at Diners https://diners.com.pk/collections/sleepwear

Valentine/Galentine day

Electric Coffee/Tea Warmer 

This is hands down one of the most useful gifts someone can get and if your partner or friend is obsessed with coffee or tea they can use it at home or at work. This is perfect for those who make coffee or tea and forget about it while working. You can even get them coffee or tea with this to make a full coffee/tea package to gift on Valentine/Galentine day.

Smart Tag for Wallet or Keys

If your friend or partner is one of those forgetful people and you have to keep track of all their belongings, so they don’t lose them then this is one of the best gifts you can get. This tag can be placed inside or on keys, wallets, bags and even cars. Get a bunch of this to your special someone for Valentine/Galentine day.

You can find these smart tags at the Lab Tab https://www.laptab.com.pk/smart-tag-bluetooth-tracker-key-finder-gps-locator-ats-0098.html or at Daraz.

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