6 Basic Eye Makeup Look Tips For Beginners You Should Try

Are you struggling with your eye makeup? Here are some trusted and tried tips to help you get the best eye makeup look especially if you are a beginner.

Are you struggling with doing the perfect eye makeup look?

Eye Makeup is known to be very hard to do because of all the technicalities and rules that have to be followed to get the perfect look. But you can get the perfect look with these tips easily. especially if you are a beginner.

1. Dark shades in the outer corner and lighter as you go in

As is the general rule, dark shades are applied in the outer corner and light shades are reserved for inner corners usually. Usually, makeup artists play with shadows and light and use shades to make the eyes look different shapes. For an elongated eye look, the most famous and old trick is to use dark shadows like browns, blacks, or other darker ones in the outer part of the eye.

2. One eyeshade all over the lids

Are you in rush? This is the most beginner-friendly and classy look for you. Be it a metallic shade or a matte shade, having a mono shade look has been getting very trendy lately. From models to actresses to makeup artists everyone is using this trick to save time and look chic.

3. White or nude eyeliner on the tight line for a bigger eye makeup look 

White and nude eyeliner on the tight line is an amazing trick if you want to make your eyes look wide open and natural, especially for days when you haven’t had enough sleep. This tip is a holy grail for people who have small eyes or get puffy eyes easily. In this trick, all you have to do is buy white or nude eyeliner and apply black eyeliner on your upper waterline.

4. For a smoky look, mess up your pencil line with black eyeshadow 

This is the easiest way to get a smoky effect for people who love a smoky eye but don’t know how to. In this trick, first, apply a winged eyeliner with a black pencil and then use black eyeshadow on a brush and make it look messy but not too much just make it look like a messy eyeliner look. Do this trick on both your lower waterline and lash line.

5. Apply glitter eyeshade in middle for a brighter and open eye look

As I said before, makeup artists love to play with light and shades to make the eyes look a desired shape. Similarly, the trick of putting glitter in the middle of the lid, where the light would hit makes the eye look larger and brighter. So for this trick, just put the glitter in the middle of your lid and your eye makeup look will look professional and you will definitely get many compliments.

6. Prime your eyes 

Priming your eyes should be the first step in your eye look. Many people skip it but this step will either make or break your eye makeup look. Priming your eyes with a good primer like MAC Paint Pot or Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion make your eyeshadow pop out and shadows will give off much more color than they normally would.

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