A body and remains of minors found in Kasur

Remains and a body of three minor boys were found in Kasur on Tuesday. It is suspected that they were brutally raped before being murdered.

Kasur is in spotlight yet again, as remains and a body of three minor boys were recovered on Tuesday. Police suspects that these kids were raped before they were savagely murdered and had been buried underground.

This case was given worldwide attention for reoccurring incidents of child maltreatment or child abuse in Kasur in recent years. According to police, 12 years old Imran went missing in June. Whereas, 8 years old Ali Hasnain and 9 years old Salman went missing in August. 8 years old Faizan went missing on 16th of September; his complete body was discovered. While, the remains of two minors recovered in Chunain Industrial Area, Kasur, are still unidentified and more information will be provided once the post-mortem examination is completed.

Locals reported to sources that five children in that area had gone missing -one of them was 12 years old and the other was 8 years old, in recent months. The locals of Kasur protested against the failure of Chunain Police to recover the missing children. These protesters had strewed after the assurance by local police of resolving the cases as soon as they can.



A body and remains of minors found in Kasur- runway pakistanPreviously in January 2018, the rape and murder of 6 year old Zainab Ansari ignited extensive resentment and protests beyond the country after the her body was recovered in garbage heaps of Kasur. #JusticeForZainab became outcry for an end to brutality against children. Her murderer was hanged to death after nine months of Zainab’s death.


On asking why child abuse cases are surfaced continuously in Kasur DPO Qaisrani said to sources that there was a need to “study the broader aspect” . “Police is playing its part and will continue to do so, but we will also have to check the other (societal) factors,” he added while speaking to DawnNewsTV.

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