Abaya Ban In School Campuses Starts In France

As school begins, French authorities are keeping an eye on the imposed ban on the Muslim women's dress known as the abaya.

As students throughout the nation return to school, French authorities are keeping an eye on more than 500 schools for indications that students may be infringing a recently imposed ban on the Muslim women’s dress known as the abaya, the education minister declared on Monday.

The government made the announcement to outlaw the abaya last month, claiming that it violated the secularism in education regulations that have previously seen Muslim headscarves outlawed.

The action pleased the members of the political right, but the left claimed it violated human rights.

Education Minister Gabriel Attal said, “We have identified 513 establishments as potentially concerned by this question at the start of the school year.”

Prior to the commencement of the school year, he claimed that research had been done to determine which schools this may be problematic, and he added that some schools will be receiving qualified school inspectors.

In France, there are over 45,000 schools, and on Monday, 12 million students will resume their academic studies.

The hard left has charged that the administration of centrist President Emmanuel Macron tried to compete with Marine Le Pen’s extreme right-wing National Rally by outlawing the abaya.

Attal, however, stated that he was opposed to making it illegal for parents to accompany their kids on educational excursions while wearing clothing with a religious value.

“There is a difference between what happens in school and what happens outside school. What matters to me is what happens in school,” he declared.

The wearing of “signs or outfits by which students ostensibly show a religious affiliation” in schools was prohibited under a law passed in March 2004. Massive crosses, Jewish kippas, and Islamic headdresses are examples of this.

Abayas, unlike headscarves, were in the grey area and up to this point had not been openly prohibited.

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