Add Some Flair to Your Eid Celebration With These Simple Appetizers

Having a great Eid table is everyone's dream so that your guests can enjoy the best. Here are some easy-to-make appetizers which will jazz up Eid feast.

Every household has that arrogant person who makes all those Eid feasts look bad.

Everyone wants to come over and chow down at their house, and they are well aware of this.

Here are some easy appetiser dishes for Eid munching and noshing enjoyment, even if many of us would prefer to do the preparation instead of the eating.

Don’t be put off by finger appetisers; they’re not as tedious as they seem and will add a special touch to your Eid festivity.

Stuffed Dates 

They are quick, simple, and wholesome to boot.

Ingredients for Stuffed dates

1. as many large-sized dates as you want

2. Pistachios, half a cup

3. 1 tsp. of honey

4. Rose water

How to make the stuffed dates

Dates should be slit horizontally, and seeds removed. Pistachios should be processed in a food processor or crushed until crumbly. Add some honey and rosewater splashes. Scrape out the mixture and add the dates that have been seeded apart.

Impress your guests by plating out your festive delicacies.

Macaroni Schotel

The Netherlands is where this meal was first created. Essentially, it is macaroni and cheese prepared in the Dutch manner. And because Indonesia was a Dutch colony for a number of centuries, the Dutch have had an effect on our food.

Ingredients needed for Macaroni Schotel

Simple ingredients include macaroni pasta,

1. boneless chicken,

2. milk,

3. cheddar cheese,

4. onion,

5. garlic,

6. eggs,

7. ground pepper,

8. nutmeg, and

9. salt

How to make the Macaroni Schotel

You first prepare your chicken that has been shredded. The fowl should be cleaned and sliced into large pieces. Boil it until the chicken is fully cooked in hot, boiling water. To eliminate the stench in the chicken, add a half-inch of ginger root.

After the chicken has finished cooking, deplete it and sliver the meat. Set down.

Then wash and reserve your al dente macaroni noodles.

Prepare your dish by butter-greasing it and preheating the oven to gas 4, 180°C, or 350°F.

The onion and garlic are then chopped. The onion should be tender and transparent after being fried in a little butter. The garlic is then added and cooked an additional time until it exudes a flavorful aroma. Toss the garlic and the onion in a bowl and mix after turning off the heat. Let it cool a little.

Add the macaroni, milk, beaten eggs, shredded chicken, grated cheese, salt, and pepper to the onion-garlic mixture at this point. If using, sprinkle some nutmeg. Put the mix into the prepped dish after stirring everything together thoroughly. Once it has been distributed evenly, place the dish in the heated oven and cook for almost 45 minutes, or until the macaroni is thoroughly cooked. When tested, a toothpick should come out clear.

Watermelon Shots 

Now that watermelon season is here, this appetiser will be the hit. The key to making superb watermelon juice is using a sweet fruit, and what you add to it will rely on your preferred taste—you can add rose syrup or black salt to give the juice a delicate sweetness.

Ingredients for watermelon shots

1. diced half a watermelon

2. 2 to 3 lemons

3. 1 bundle of mint

4. 1- to 2-tbsp. rose syrup (optional)

5. brown salt (optional)

How to make the watermelon shots

Juice the watermelon by chopping it into tiny chunks. Strain the juice into a basin and place it beneath a strainer to remove the fibre.

To the bowl, add lemon juice. When adding more lemons, sample the juice first because the sweetness of the watermelons and the sourness of the lemons can differ. Not sweet enough juice? Add one or two tablespoons of rose water.

Squeeze the mint to “bruise” it, then let it sit in the juice for a couple of hours to let the flavour meld. As an alternative, you might add mint that has been finely chopped.

Pour in shot glasses after chilling in the refrigerator.

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