After Hindu Minors, Christian Girls Are Being Abducted

After Hindu girls were kidnapped and converted to Islam, forcefully, now it seems like people have moved on to Christian girls now. How shameful.

For a couple of years, few illiterates in Pakistan have stooped really low. People like them lack humanity, and they lack basic education. Moreover, they also lack the knowledge of Islam, under the name of which they do all of these things. Many people, in the underprivileged areas of Pakistan, are abducting girls of religions other than Islam. Not only that, they are kidnapping them, converting them to Islam, and are marrying them. Such people are breaking the moral, legal, and humanitarian laws at every single step.

Till almost the end of last year, there were several 100 girls abducted and converted and forcefully married. There were many protests against it, but not may culprits were caught and the girls weren’t provided with justice. Moreover, as the girls were young, the kidnappers used to scare them. They scared them to an extent that they used to say they converted on their own will. Which obviously, one can tell by looking at the age, is not true.


Now, such ‘Muslims’ are abducting and converting Christian girls in Pakistan. And the sad part is not valid action has been taken as such against it. The minorities are not safe in the country sadly. And those who are to give protection are at times a part of all the hassle.

Who is to be responsible and will the culprits get caught? This is the second phase to ponder upon. Firstly, one should think, till when will this go on? And will this ever end? And will these so-called Muslims come on the right path? God knows better.

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