Ahsan Raza: Coke Studio’s Leading Cinematographer in the 14th Season

A greater insight into the the cinematographic genius that is Ahsan Raza.

Ahsan Raza, a name that is mostly unknown to the general masses. However, he is the genius behind the visuals of some of this year’s catchy pop hits.

As a cinematographer, he led the role in shooting the music videos for some of the singles from Coke Studio Season 14.

These include some of this season’s smash hits such as “Tu Jhoom” and “Pasoori”. Other songs that he has worked on include “Peechay Hut”, “Ye Dunya”, “Thaggiyan”, “Sajan Das” and “Go”.


He has also worked alongside some of the best directors in the music industry. These include the likes of Zeeshan Pervez and Kamal Khan.

Ahsan Raza worked alongside Pervez on the music video for “Tu Jhoom” and “Ye Dunya”. As for the rest of the singles, he worked alongside Khan.

The cinematographer’s work of art has tremendously improved the overall production quality of this year’s Coke Studio. Many have praised the inclusion of Pakistani dance and traditions in the music videos for “Tu Jhoom” and “Pasoori”.

Many viewers have also praised the exceptional camera work that helped incorporate all aspects of the song. These include the setting, the dancers, background choir and the singers themselves.

In addition, what many also liked was the inclusion of colorful visuals that helped make the music videos more youthful. This was particularly true for songs like “Go” and “Peechay Hut”, songs that resonated with the youth.

It is safe to say that when it comes to conceptualizing ideas into practicality, no one does it better than Ahsan Raza.

He truly is a visual genius that can help transform any type of art into a piece of beauty and magic.

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