Aima Baig And Shahbaz Shigri Air It All Out On TV

On Time Out with Ahsan Khan, Aima Baig and Shahbaz Shigri discuss about their careers and future prospects which also include marriage.

Aima Baig has become a massive sensation in the Pakistani music industry. After breaking out in 2016, the singer has gone on to become one of the most successful female singers out there.

She appeared on “Time Out with Ahsan Khan” alongside her fiancé Shahbaz Shigri to discuss their respective career trajectories.

Aima Baig chatted about her early days as the host of “Mazaaq Raat”. She further elaborated about how back then she always had hopes of breaking into the music industry.

Aima Baig with her fiancé on Time Out with Ahsan Khan

Her fiancé commented on how he always had hopes and dreams of being in movies ever since he was a child. He also talked about the complexity of acting and the challenging aspects of evoking certain emotions on action.

The couple also described their first ever encounter, which was on the sets of “Parey Hut Love.” Baig also described that there was an instant spark upon interacting Shigri.

The singer also revealed that she was highly hesitant about sharing details of her engagement on social media. However, despite her reservations, she eventually made her engagement public, which resulted in an overwhelming positive response from the masses.

Aima Baig with her fiancé on Time Out with Ahsan Khan

The couple also talked about their future prospects which included marriage. Baig also discussed about how she will be releasing two new songs in the coming future. Both of which are directed by her fiancé.

Shigri discussed his goals of wanting to do roles in action movies and also producing his own films.

We just hope we see more success from the power duo in the near future.

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