Ali Azmat In Hot Waters With His Insensitive Comments

Ali Azmat has gotten himself embroiled in a social media controversy. The singer had made some highly insensitive remarks about the late Noor Jehan.

Ali Azmat has become the center of attention on social media for all the wrong reasons. This can be attributed for his highly insensitive remarks about the late Noor Jehan.

The comments were made during an interview with Ahmed Pansota on his YouTube channel “The Current”.  During the interview he discussed how he could not resonate with the music being showcased back in the day.

He then went on to talk about how growing up, he only saw performance by artists like Noor Jehan on television.

Ali Azmat is a well renowned singer.

The singer had said  “Our own society and culture weren’t really offering anything similar. You put on a show, you would see Noor Jehan draped in a saree, with heavy jewellery and over-the-top makeup. We would get irritated by mai (elderly woman). We would think why would they make us watch this kofta (meatball).”

The comments proved to be highly offensive and were not taken lightly by the general public. Many had taken to Twitter to critique the singer’s remarks about the late singer.

Many people had expressed their absolute embarrassment regarding the singer’s statements.

Many pointed out how Noor Jehan was an icon while Ali Azmat comes nowhere near that same level.

The responses got even more savage as illustrated by this tweet.

Even many within the entertainment industry lambasted Azmat for his distasteful remarks.

Noor Jehan’s daughter, fashion designer Mina Hassan, had some choice of words for the Junoon singer.

In a video uploaded to Instagram, the designer talked about the lack of respect the singer gave to her late mother.

She went on to say how people like Azmat need to learn more about respect, especially towards elders. The designer also thanked fans of her mother for coming out in support of the former classical legend.

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