Alec Baldwin Accidentally Kills A Woman During Shooting

In an unfortunate event that besieged Hollywood, the comedian Alec Baldwin had accidentally killed a woman from the production staff during shooting.

Alec Baldwin had always been in the headlines for his comical roles. Quite noticeably, his portrayal of the former US President Donald Trump had garnered him lots of popularity within the media.

However, he is back in the spotlight but for a more sadder and tragic reason. On Thursday, during the shooting of the movie “Rust”, the veteran actor had accidentally shot dead a woman.

The woman was later reveled to be director of photography for the movie, Halyna Hutchins. She was airlifted to the University of New Mexico Hospital where she was unfortunately declared dead by the medical staff.

The shooting of Rust featuring Alec Baldwin now under police investigation.

The director of the upcoming project, Joel Souza, received multiple injuries as well. He was taken to a nearby hospital for immediate treatment.

Alec Baldwin was later taken to custody by the police but no charges have been filed against the actor. The local police have stated that they are determined to carry out a full investigation into the tragedy.

Hutchins was a well renowned cinematographer who had worked in previous projects such as “Archenemy”. She was described as a “rising star” by the American Cinematography Magazine in 2019.

Alec Baldwin had accidently shot the film's director of photography.

The International Cinematographer’s Guild had expressed their sorrow and disbelief regarding the event. The president, John Lindley, came out with a statement supporting the police investigation into the matter.

Unfortunately, such events while rare have happened  in the past. The most famous incident being the death of Bruce Lee’s son Brandon Lee. The man was shot dead by a prop gun during the shooting of the film “The Crow”.

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