Aitzaz Hasan is Never to be Forgotten

It has been six years to the martyrdom of Aitzaz Hasan. The hero who served his life to save other's.

Born in 1998, Aitzaz belonged to Hangu District in Khyber Pakhtoon Khuwa. Apart from his parents, he had two sisters and one brother to accompany him. Aitzaz always had a dream to join the Paksitan Army. The young lad wasnt’t much good in studies, but seemed quite ambitious when it came to serving the country. Belonging to an area filled with Shiite families, who were victimized by Taliban, he was quite resilient towards coward attackers. His friends used to tell him that he was too big for a bomb. Little did they knew what was yet to come.

On the day he was attacked, he wasn’t attending the class due to some reason. A man approached the gate, disguised as someone coming to take an admission. Although his detonator was quite visible through his jacket. As to engage him just at the door, Aitzaz first threw a stone at him. The suicide bomber ran and Aitzaz ran after him and grabbed him. This made the bomber blow up his vest, taking only Aitzaz’s life along with his own.

The bravery of this young man saved the whole of school who used to mock him for this very thing. His father, in a speech, told  “My son made his mother cry but saved hundreds of mothers from crying for their children”. It is not easy for parents to lose their kids, but Aitzaz’s parents were strong enough to accept their son’s death, if it saved several other children.

Aitzaz’s family sits with his picture.

We, as a nation, are proud of Aitzaz Hasan. And there are no words that can describe the bravery of this young martyr.

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