The Best Food And Entertainment At Karachi Eat 2020

The article helps shed a light on one of the biggest and most popular food festival in the city. It provides an insight into what to expect at the event.

There is nothing that the city’s residents like more than an entire festival filled with food. For many of the city’s residents, they love a festival that provides them with the opportunity to have some of the best delicacies that the city has to offer. That is what Karachi Eat provides them with.

The festival will take place at Beach Park View, Clifton. The event could not be happening at a more ideal time, as the cold weather is one of the best times to go out and eat. The ideal weather would make this event even more worth visiting. The event will take place over the course of three days.

A poster highlighting the highly popular Karachi Eat Festival. (Source: Facebook/ Karachi Eat Food Festival)


The event would feature a diverse array of dishes from restaurants, cafes and street vendors. The various dishes would consist of both gourmet and sweet dishes. The food would consist of multiple dishes ranging from burgers and pizzas to dishes from multiple different cuisines such as Pakistani, Asian and Middle Eastern.

The festival is known for presenting traditional dishes in a more innovative manner. Various examples of this can be seen at this year’s event. One being crepe sushi by D’OH, a dish which merges both sweet and savoury elements into one.

Crepe Sushi by D’OH. (Source: Facebook/ Karachi Eat Food Festival)


Other sorts of such dishes include Tawouk Fawaffle by Paramount, a combination of both Shish Tawouk and Falafel. The dish is presented in a shape of an ice cream. Another innovative dish to try out is the doughnut burger by 2 GUYS 1 GRLL. The dishes are not only a mixture of savoury and sweet elements but also a mixture of Pakistani and Continental cuisine. An example of this is Mac & Spud’s desi mac & cheese.

Tawouk Fawaffle by Paramount. (Source: Facebook/ Karachi Eat Food Festival)



The event also offers a wide variety of Pakistani dishes for people to have. Examples of such dishes include Kebab Handi and Nauratan Vegetable by Nawab Dynasy, Murgh Malai Pasinday by Nawabi Zaiqa, Matka Biryani by Glacier Spoon.

Apart from the impressive food array of stalls, the three day festival will also feature musical performances by various different artists such as Falak Ahmad Sheikh, JOSH, Nauman Khalid and Waqar Ehsin.


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