Iran Retaliates to US Bombings in Iraq

To show their power and to maintain their dignity, Iran has launched an attack at US Airbases in Iraq, which has been confirmed by Iran, Iraq & US its self.

There had been severe tensions between Iran and US, amid Soleimani’s killing. Iran was insistent on taking revenge, regardless of everyone telling them not to. But Iran was quite furious over the killing of their Major General, Qassem Soleimani. And the anger is reasonable and justified for any country who loses such a valuable part of their’s. And as Iran said it will avenge Soleimani’s death, they did. Iran attacked a US Airbase located at Ain al-Asad and another one at Erbil, between 1:45 am and 2:15 am on Wednesday. According to a Iranian TV Channel “at least 80 American terrorists” have been killed in the attack.

Other Forces in Iraq:

There are many other forces in Iraq, but none have been harmed at all. Polish troops have been stationed in Iraq, however, the Defense Minister confirms that none has been harmed. Norway, too, have assured that all of their 70 solider at the base are safe and sound. Denmark also assured that their army, fighting ISIS in Iraq, is also not hurt.

Countries Taking Safety Measures:

India has taken a step forward and has warned their citizens, not to travel to Iraq unnecessarily. “In view of the prevailing situation in Iraq, Indian nationals are advised to avoid all non-essential travel to Iraq until further notification,” India’s foreign ministry said in a statement. Pakistan has also advised its citizens in Iraq to stay close to Pakistan Embassy in Iraq.

Iran and US’s Replies to the Attack:

Trump, as usual, had tweeted about the war. As to not accept that his solider were killed, he tried to show his calm in the tweet. POTUS tweeted, deterring Iran. Trump kept on portraying that his arms & weapons are the best.

On the other hand, Iran’s Foreign Minister took to twitter too. He explained how Iran attacked airbase, keeping all laws in mind. He also focused o how he doesn’t want war. But won’t stop retaliating.

Iran and US should end this war now. US attacked and Iran retaliated. If this war increases, it might have many stakeholders to effect to. It is yet to see what happens.

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