Best Deodorant Brands In The Country

Choosing which is the best brand of deodorant can be a difficult task to do. Hence, we have come out with an article highlighting the best brands out there.

One of the most important aspect of a person that draws people towards them is their smell. Hence, it is always important to buy the best deodorants that would ensure ever lasting smell. However, deciding which brand of deodorant to buy can be difficult. Hence, we have come out with an article outlining some of the best brands of deodorants to buy.


One of the leading skin care brand in the world, Nivea offers a wide range of products that ensure the best physical care. Apart from selling there most famous brand of moisturizers, they also sell a wide range of deodorants for both men and women. For men, the large range of products include the highly popular Nivea Invisible Protection which ensures protection of white and black clothes from stains. For women, products such as Nivea Fresh Natural ensures a fresh smell that lasts a day.

Nivea’s Black and White Invisible Silky Sooth Antiperspirant. (Source: Facebook/Nivea)


One of the best selling international skin care brands in the country, Dove provides a wide range of skin care products such as deodorants for both men and women. Some of their products for men includes Dove Men + Care Aqua Impact that ensures protection against perspiration and bad smell for up to forty eight hours. For women, some of their products include Dove Ultimate Beauty Care Smooth Cashmere Antiperspirant which ensures forty eight hour protection.

Dove Original Antiperspirant. (Source: Facebook/ Flamingo)


Commencing its operations in 1989, the brand has established itself as one of the best deodorant brand in the market. Enchanteur incorporates elements of French fragrance into its deodorants, which aims to ensure ever lasting smell for its consumers. It is one of the leading deodorant brand for women. Some of their most popular and best deodorants include Enchanteur Alluring which ensures that the customer smells as fresh as a flower.

Enchanteur Alluring offers the best everlasting smell. (Source: Facebook/ Enchanteur)


One of the leading brand of deodorant for men, Axe provides a wide variety for men. What makes this brand stand out among the rest is its amazing smell and its ever lasting scent. Some of their deodorant product includes Axe Africa Deodorant Body Spray, Axe Gold Temptation Deodorant Spray and Axe Musk Deodorant Spray.

Axe Gold Temptation for men. (Source: Facebook/ AXE)


Regarded as Pakistan’s first gas free body spray, Bold has emerged as one the top brand of deodorant for men. They have a wide range of deodorant categories that offer some of the best and ever lasting smell for men. The Life Body Spray category is a mixture of both contemporary and modern fragrances, whereas the Premium Body Spray category is a  collection of some of the finest fragrance collection for men.

Bold offers the best range of fragrances for men. (Source: Facebook/ Bold)
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