The Last Exit Cafe Review

The Last Exit Cafe is located at the heart of Shahrah-e-Faisal and is a unique fusion of dhabba & restaurant at a gas station.

The Last Exit Cafe is a small and well-lit place located at Shahrah e Faisal. It’s one of its kind because I’ve never seen a dhabba and a fine dining place merged together and that too at a gas station. So, that was an experience of its own.

The interior was very welcoming. I love bright colors and they incorporated turquoise & white mainly in their décor. The resin art tables were my favorite out of everything over there and went well with the color palette.

Let’s talk about the food served at the Last Exit Cafe. We ordered wings for starter and for mains we ordered a steak, burger, sandwich, pasta, and chicken.

BBQ Wings

The wings were juicy and tangy, just how BBQ wings are supposed to be. One platter had six pieces of chicken dipped in sauce and carefully placed on the plate. It was garnished with some chives, purple cabbage, and sesame seeds. They tasted great and I’d order these again.

Tarragon Chicken

We ordered two servings of tarragon chicken with different sides. Each of them had two chicken fillets topped off with some tarragon sauce and sautéed veggies. It also came with some extra sauce if anyone wanted more. The chicken was cooked perfectly and wasn’t dry at all. The sides on both the platters were up to the mark and I believe this was a good option to opt for from the menu.

Black Pepper Steak

The presentation of the steak just blew our mind because we weren’t expecting it to be served on a wooden platter, just like it’s served at many premium and high-end restaurants. It was medium rare, cut up into pieces and topped off with a creamy sauce. It also came with extra sauce like the other mains and sidelines of wedges, mashed potatoes, and sautéed veggies. The steak was amazing for the price range and nicely done.

Bekaar Beef Burger

The burger was served with fries. The patty was grilled and the size was average, neither too big nor too small. Any person with a normal appetite would be okay with it. It had cheese, jalapenos and their special sauce with made it taste even better. Overall, I think it was good but the quantity can be improved.

The Last Exit Cafe

Honey Mustard Sandwich

The honey mustard sandwich was very filling. It was served with fries and the quantity was good. The sandwich had chicken along with a honey mustard sauce that made it taste sweet and savory. It also had fresh veggies such as tomatoes and lettuce along with cheese. It tasted good, nothing extraordinary but something you’d want to opt for if you’re not in the mood for a heavy meal.

The Last Exit Cafe

Alfredo Pasta

The quantity of the pasta was good. It was served with a chicken fillet which was marinated and then cooked, it was juicy. This was the one dish out of all of them which I wasn’t a fan of. I think it could be improved as it was quite bland and not up to the mark.

The Last Exit Cafe

The food was served piping hot and the ambiance was good too. Last Exit Cafe was a good fusion of dhabba and a restaurant which I think would be popular among the working class during lunch hours considering the location. Lastly, the owner, Mubeen, was very friendly and a good host.


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