Malala’s Collaboration With Hillary Clinton Amidst Gaza Crisis Raises Questions

Malala has co-produced the Broadway musical, ‘Suffs’, with Hilary Clinton, who is known to be in support of the US funding to Israel.


In the whirlwind of social media, where every tweet, every post, and every Instagram story can become the next headline, silence is often the loudest statement one can make. In the case of Malala Yousafzai, Nobel laureate and global advocate for education, her recent collaboration with Hillary Clinton has sparked a flurry of conversation and critique.

Malala broke her silence with a powerful statement of support for Gaza. In a video post, she expressed her horror at the bombing of al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza and unequivocally condemned it. She urged the Israeli government to allow humanitarian aid into Gaza and reiterated the call for a ceasefire. Additionally, Malala announced that she is directing $300,000 to three charities helping Palestinian people under attack, inviting others to join her in supporting if they can.

While Malala was previously criticized for her silence, her recent actions demonstrate a commitment to speaking out against injustice, even in the face of political complexities. However, the juxtaposition of her collaboration with Hillary Clinton, who supports US funding to Israel, raises questions about the intersection of activism, politics, and personal convictions.

As Malala aligns herself with Clinton in co-producing the Broadway musical ‘Suffs’, which celebrates the Suffragette movement, observers continue to scrutinize her role as a global advocate. The collaboration between the two figures prompts further reflection on the complexities of navigating activism on a global scale.

Suffs Cast with Malala
Suffs cast with Malala

While some argue that Malala, as a young activist and not a politician, shouldn’t be expected to comment on every global issue, her influence transcends borders. She is not just a symbol; she is a voice for the voiceless and has previously voiced her opinion on various topics. It’s precisely because of her influence that many feel her silence on Gaza was not justifiable.

While Malala’s recent statement of support for Gaza demonstrates her commitment to speaking out against injustice, her collaboration with Clinton amidst the Gaza crisis raises valid questions.

The contrast between advocating for humanitarian aid and a ceasefire while collaborating with a supporter of US funding to Israel presents a conflicting narrative. This collaboration prompts deeper consideration of the intricate interplay between activism, politics, and personal beliefs on a global stage.

Malala at Suff broadway musical's first performance.
Malala at Suff broadway musical’s first performance.

As Malala continues her advocacy, it’s important for her to address any contradictions and ensure her actions match her principles.