Alizeh Shah Falls On The Ramp During A Fashion Show

In one of the latest viral videos circulating across social media, actress Alizeh Shah accidently falls on the ramp during the Bridal Couture Week.

The 19th edition of the Pantene Hum Bridal Couture Week has been making headlines recently across social media. However, for news that is completely unrelated to bridal wear or any type of fashion.

The event became center of attention after an incident involving Junaid Khan and Mansha Pasha. During the event Khan picked up Pasha in good fun but the incident did spark fury among the masses.

Now another incident involving Alizeh Shah went viral online. During Day 3 of the event, Shah walked the ramp for famous designer Nisa Hussain.

Shazia Manzoor was also present at the event and was performing on the very same ramp that Alizeh Shah was walking on. The actress grooved to the beat of Manzoor’s singing.

While all this may seem fun and exciting, things took a huge turn for the south when the actress fell on the ramp. Luckily for her, Manzoor was present at the time to help her get up. The embarrassing moment was captured on video and has since been circulating online across social media.

While many of the comments showed some level of sympathy for the actress, others were not so kind. In fact, some made very cruel and highly rude comments that demeaned the actress.

We hope that Alizeh Shah uses this experience to be careful the next time she takes does a ramp walk. We also hope that our citizens would not relish in other people’s miseries and misfortunes.

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