Am I a binge-watcher? Here Are Some Signs That You Are One

Have you ever wondered if you are becoming an intense binge-watcher? If you have here is how you can tell if you are one or not.

So what’s on your agenda today besides eating all the junk food at home and work? Wait let me guess! Watch a Netflix series? Let be honest we all have been binge-watcher at one point.

Finding a show which you never guessed would have been that amazing and then you fall down the rabbit hole where you will watch the show for hours and hours and then realize it is over. But WAIT NOOOOO and then you find another amazing show and you are down that road again.

Once you find that show you don’t care about any other important things like having a social life (and yelling at the character on your TV doesn’t count) returning texts, having proper dinner, or sometimes even completing your assignment due tonight. It happens guys it does and don’t worry you’re not alone in this.

You could be successful and productive but that play button that continues the series is so addictive. Here are some signs that you legit have a problem and are a professional binge-watcher.

1. How do you plan your life?

Your life is planned around how quickly can you finish the series and move on to the next one. Your future plans depend on the time it takes for you to finish your series or worse your future plan includes a list of series that you have to watch.

2. Socializing, what?

You shut your eyes to your friends, family, and all their plans to help you socialize. When was the last time you went out with a friend? Are your friends the characters in the show you are watching currently?

3. Passive Aggressive comments about someone’s show watching speed

When you find some who says they are still on the 5th episode of the series you start panicking and shriek at them. How dare they prioritize anything over the show?

4. You get sad when you reach the end

But that’s until you find another show to binge-watch of course.

5. Calling in sick to work again?

Yes, we all know that person who calls in sick just so they can complete the series because a cliffhanger is a fatal problem.

6. You deserve all the awards for finishing the series in record time 

If there were any awards for Netflix viewers (which you there should be) you would get the award for finishing the series in the least amount of time and not just one but you would have received 15+.

7. Sleep? Never heard of it 

Once you find your series (let’s be honest all Netflix series are your series) you don’t sleep until you finish it because who needs sleep when you have a series to keep you up all night. Netflix series is for you like coffee is for normal people.

8. How dare your friends reject a binge-watching session with you? 

You call your friends to ask them to come over and binge watch with you and they reject and instead go to a museum or work, sheesh that anger you feel? That says you have a binge-watching problem.

9. Your morning routine includes watching 4 to 5 episodes of Friends

You open your eyes, grab your phone or TV remote and open it. And there it is, a Netflix screen waiting for you with Friends on your list. According to a Netflix survey when people (especially binge-watchers) wake up they go for a light-hearted comedy show.

Okay, it’s just insane if I ask you to never binge-watch because I’m in the same boat with you all but if sometimes you just press pause and enjoy activities apart from watching movies and shows that may change you and make you less of that annoying for other yet a cool binge-watcher.

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