American Sitcom ‘Family Guy’ Featured PSL

Pakistanis all over the country seem to be particularly excited about the fact that the American sitcom 'Family Guy' featured PSL.

Pakistan Super League seems to have reached global recognition as the extreme rivalry between Lahore Qalandars and Karachi Kings seemed to have caught the eye of the show’s scriptwriter; the American sitcom, Family Guy, featured PSL in its 19th season.

Family Guy featured PSL in a skit- made about Pakistani cricket fans. The episode begins with Peter Griffin, the main character, and his friends who are sitting in a bar complaining over the fact that the entire bar is occupied by international sports fans.

Griffin’s friend, Quagmire, further says in the episode, “It sucks on Saturday mornings, it’s just weird foreign sports fans, like those Pakistani cricket hooligans.” As the episode progresses, Quagmire singles out two fans who are wearing t-shirts that read “Lahore” labeling them as Lahore Qalandar fans who are constantly talking about how Lahore is the best cricket team there is.

While on the other hand, Joe Swanson, another character on Family Guy is seen wearing a t-shirt which reads “Karachi,” to show a Karachi Kings supporter. He replies to the Lahore fans stating that he is a Karachi fan but does not have a particular death wish about it.

People all over Pakistan seem to be pretty surprised by the fact that Family Guy featured PSL. They quickly took to Twitter and expressed their surprise as well as happiness on being recognized and mentioned!

While Family Guy featured PSL, few things were majorly off. Some people could not digest the accents used for the Pakistani fans, the Family Guy team didn’t bother to research much and used typical Indian accents for Pakistani accents as well.

The misrepresentation is real, the Eastern people or just brown people, in general, are normally viewed as the same by the West. Most people forget that there are avid distinctions amongst us- while the gesture that Family Guy featured PSL was a step in the right direction towards global recognition, there are many aspects that they need to work upon.

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