The Need to Audit: Ban Karachi Zoo

As a video from Karachi goes viral with a poor malnourished bear seen standing in the heat, people are furious and demand to ban Karachi zoo.

People have grown up to see the zoo as a source of entertainment, as a fun gathering, or a suitable place to hang out and watch some ‘cool’ animals. What we are unaware of, however, is that those ‘cool animals’ are usually exotic wild animals that are mostly captured and caged or kept in poor conditions stripping them of their fundamental rights. Due to this is we should move towards preserving our wildlife and ban Karachi zoo.

The people of Pakistan sometimes fail to realize that animals are also living breathing creatures; they are born into this world with certain fundamental rights, also known as animal rights. The same a human is known to have complete ownership of a few fundamental rights, so does an animal. However, we often tend to ignore such facts; the Karachi zoo is in complete violation of these rights. It captivates animals that are to be free in the wild and uses them as props for public display, only to make a few rupees; this is why we must ban Karachi zoo.

Auditing Karachi zoo and all local zoos throughout Pakistan has been an ongoing debate. In light of recent events, a video emerged on the internet of a bear kept in the worse possible condition in Karachi’s zoo. The poor thing is standing in the scorching heat, famished, and dehydrated. The condition of the bear has left residents heartbroken and they demand the transfer of the bear to a proper sanctuary where it will receive the treatment it deserves! Residents are also attempting to start a petition to ban the Karachi zoo.

Zoo culture is simply cruel and unjust; famous actor, Ushna Shah, seems to agree with us. She took to her social media account and posted several stories and posts regarding the bear in Karachi zoo. Ushna can be seen requesting the public to write and complain to Karachi zoo authorities and to the local government to put a stop to such inhumane establishments. She has been a prominent supporter in the ban Karachi zoo movement and is also known as an animal rights supporter given her posts.

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Salam, Pehlee doh videos hein Karachi Zoo mein eik reech kee jo garmee mein tarap raha hei. Teesri image hei eik reech kee jo apnay kudratee mohawl mein hei. JaanwaroN ki numaish unkey saath na-insaafi hei aur unn pey shadeed Zulm hei. Agar janwar dekhne ka shoq hei toh unn key mohowl mein jaa key dekhna chahiye. Jab aap Zoo jaatey hein toh aap inki takleef ka hissa bantey hein. Eisee jagoN ko band karwa deina chahiye. Zoo eik Eisee jail hei jahaN sab Qaidee bey-gunah hein. Please Karachi Zoo, aur apney har sheher ley zoo key khilaaf apni local government ko likhiye aur in bey-rehem idaaroN ko bilkul bhee support matt keejiye. Zoo aur marine-animal shows ko bilkul bhee support matt keejiye aur apney dostoN aur rishtaydaroN ko bhee samjhayein key janwaroN ki numaish karna aur dekhna shadeed bey-rehmi hei. Jangli janwaroN ko unkey mohol mein sey nikaal key chottay enclosures yah phir pinjroN mein rakhna SHADEED ZULM hei. Allah ney jinko jungle aur pahar diye, Jinko darya aur samundar diye aur Jinko urney Key liye khula Asmaan diya.. unko qaid kar key rakhna Eik nihayat bhayanak harkat hei jo sirf insaan karta hei. Iss haqeeqat pey ghaur keejiye, apney dil mein rehem aur narmee peida kee jiye aur qudrat key khilaaf iss harkat ko khatam keejiye. Insan insaniyat bhool chukey hein, bey-zubaan key liye awaaz uthayiye. Inki bhee aah lagtee hei. @karachi_zoo_incompetence #karachizoo #karachi #cityofkarachi @wwfpak @wwf #animalabuseinpakistan #brownbearkarachi #brownbear #bearabuse #ushnashah #ushna

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Furthermore, what we must make out of this is that zoos are terrible places and are outright exploitation of animals and their rights, as a nation, we have to raise our voices for those who do not have a voice of their own and ban the Karachi zoo!

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