Thar Needs Therapy to Overcome Mental Health Issues

Thar needs therapy as the situation over there is alarming. The fact that teenagers & young adults resort to suicide as their first and last option to resolve mental health issues is heartbreaking.

Tharparkar, also known as Thar, is part of a dessert and poverty-stricken district located in Sindh. Thar is blessed with minerals, which have not benefitted the citizens much. However, many projects are being carried out in Thar for the mutual benefit of its residents and the nation. The issues that these people face are similar to what we go through in our lives, but there’s a slight difference. We have enough outlets to get help from and they don’t. Thar needs therapy for mental health issues due to which many lives have been lost.

Along with other basic necessities, Thar needs therapy as well. The main focus here is mental health, however, this shouldn’t deviate us from the fact that people living there have little to no access to clean drinking water and healthy food. Mental health is also an important factor that requires as much attention as other health problems because the situation over there is alarming.

As of Sept 29, 2020, at least three people have committed suicide in the past 24 hours. The main reason behind these suicides was the lack of acknowledgment and solutions to combat mental health issues prevailing in Thar. According to an article on SAMAA, three bodies of girls, from the ages of 15 to 20, were found either hanging or in a well. After talking to the families, the reason found behind the suicide was mental health issues that neither were being given attention to nor being treated. So far, 97 suicide cases have been reported this year in the desert district, according to the Mithi SSP office.

We’re privileged enough to have access to therapists, psychiatrists, suicide prevention helplines and much more in order to overcome depression, anxiety and various mental health issues. But these people don’t have access to simple and basic necessities of life, let alone therapists and psychiatrists. Thar needs therapy as the situation is alarming over there. The fact that teenagers and young adults resort to suicide as their first and last option is heartbreaking because there is no proper medium for them to get treatment from.

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