Selena Gomez Talks About Future Tours And New Music Album

Selena Gomez teases new music and reflects on the challenges of touring, balancing her health with her passion for performing.

Selena Gomez, the multi-talented actress and singer, has been captivating audiences for years, but since her Lupus diagnosis in 2016, fans have seen less of her on stage. Now, the ‘Only Murders in the Building’ star is sharing some insights about what’s next for her music career.

In a recent cover story with TIME, Selena opened up about the possibility of hitting the road again. While she’s not entirely ruling out future tours, she’s candid about the emotional toll they take. “Nothing makes me happier than 90 minutes of being with my fans and just celebrating together,” Selena revealed, capturing the joy and connection she feels during performances. However, she admitted to feeling “50-50” about touring. “It is very emotionally draining for me. And then you realize you’re just surrounded by a bunch of people that you’re paying,” she added, hinting at the isolation that can come with fame.

The journey hasn’t been easy for Selena. Back in 2016, she embarked on a tour following the release of her album ‘Revival’. However, the singer had to cut it short due to severe anxiety and depression, side effects of her battle with Lupus. Since then, Selena has focused on her health, putting a hold on extensive touring.

Despite this, Selena hasn’t stepped away from music entirely. She’s released singles and collaborations over the years, keeping her fans engaged. Her last full-length album, ‘Revelación’, came out in 2021, following ‘Rare’ in 2020, which coincided with the launch of her beauty brand, Rare Beauty.

Now, fans are buzzing with excitement as Selena hints at new music on the horizon. While she hasn’t confirmed a release date, there’s speculation that an album drop could happen this year. This news comes as a glimmer of hope for fans eager to see what the star has been working on.

As Selena Gomez navigates the delicate balance between her health and her passion for music, one thing is clear: her connection with her fans remains unshaken. Whether she decides to tour again or continues to release music from the studio, her journey is one of resilience and inspiration. So, keep your playlists ready and your eyes peeled — Selena Gomez is far from done making her mark on the music world.