Angelina Jolie Share Her Condolences With Pakistan

My heart is very much with the people of Pakistan, says Angelina Jolie. She went to the National Flood Response Coordination Center to visit flood victims.

Angelina Jolie, an American actor and activist, is now in Pakistan to visit flood victims. She paid a visit to the National Flood Response Coordination Center on Wednesday as part of her trip.

The deputy chairman of the Center, Ahsan Iqbal, greeted Jolie and praised her for coming as Pakistan was experiencing some of the worst calamities in its history.

The humanitarian touched down in Pakistan on Tuesday in the late afternoon. She went to Dadu to see the damage the floods had caused and to meet those impacted. She received a briefing on flood management and current actions during the meeting held on Wednesday.

In the meeting, she addressed saying that this is unlike anything she has ever seen. As said, she has visited Pakistan frequently. She went there initially because of the kindness the people of Pakistan have extended to Afghanistan over the years as a host nation. During this time, she said we observe that the countries producing less environmental degradation now carry the burden of calamity, agony, and mortality. Angelina Jolie added it is often the countries that don’t have as much offer a great deal more than several other countries.

In 2010 and 2005, Jolie travelled to Pakistan to interact with earthquake-affected families. She is here right now as a member of the emergency service efforts of the International Rescue Committee (IRC).

Jolie acted as a goodwill ambassador for the UNHCR for 11 years prior to being appointed as the UNHCR’s special envoy. Even as someone who has worked in humanitarian relief for years, we frequently see a catastrophe and consider how to resolve it, what we are able to do, and how to reconstruct or provide assistance to children or food, and now when the demands are this enormous, every attempt actually means the distinction between life and death for a prominent number people, she emphasised.

“I am absolute with you in pushing the international community to do more. I feel like we say that often, we speak of aid appeals and relief and support but this is something very, very [different]. I think this is a real wakeup call to the world about where we are at, that climate change is not only real and it’s not only coming, it’s very much here,” she said.

“Every current effort I’ve seen, I’ve been with the army and been with my colleagues at IRC, and I’ve seen those lives were saved but I’ve also been speaking to people and thinking, if enough aid doesn’t come, they won’t be here in the next few weeks. They won’t make it. There are too many children, so malnourished, and then even if they do make it through the next few months, with the winter coming, and the destruction of the crops and the arboreality, I’m overwhelmed but I don’t even feel it’s fair to say that because I am not living this, so I can just simply try to speak out and help.”

She claimed that she cannot fathom how it would feel to be in this circumstance. She stated, “I see the very thought out [response] to not only [tackle this] emergency but what to do, and all it’s going to take, and I’m here as a friend to Pakistan.” Jolie cited the numerous “warm friendships and relationships” she has there as the reason she will keep visiting. “At this time, the people are really close to my heart.”

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