Another Artist Takes A Stand For The Palestinians And Their Rights

An Irish writer takes a solid stance on Palestinian rights as she denies Israeli publishers from translating her book in Hebrew.

Throughout the year, many have shown solidarity towards the Palestinians and their rights.

This can be seen through multiple acts of support during protests for the Palestinian cause. Celebrities such as Mark Ruffalo and the Hadid sisters were vocal about their support for the issue.

While the conflict still persists, many artists continue to advocate for the rights of the Palestinians. One such artist is the Irish author Sally Rooney.

The author refused to let her latest book “Beautiful World, Where Are You” be translated into Hebrew. In a statement, Rooney claimed that she felt that it was not right to work with an Israeli publishing company.

She also believes that the Israeli government’s treatment of the people of Palestine is nothing short of apartheid.

Her actions have caused a massive outrage within the Israeli community. A pro Israeli organization called Jewish People Policy Institute condemned the move.

They said that the decision by the author is really hypocritical. The organization claims that the author does not show the same sort of concern for human rights in other oppressive countries like China.

Ireland and its citizens have in the past shown a strong solidarity with the Palestinians. This summer, their parliament passed a motion condemning Israel’s ‘de facto annexation’ of Palestine.

The Irish government had also taken a harsh stance against the Israeli government for their attacks on Gaza earlier this year.

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