“Squid Game” Becomes The Biggest Series at Launch On Netflix

The new Netflix show, Squid Game, is gaining quite a fame in less than a month from its release. It has gained 111 billion views on Netflix.

The South Korean Netflix Show, Squid Game, passed Bridgerton’s record and collected 111 million views in the first month of its launch. And has managed to stay on No. 1 in the top 10 list of Netflix in 94 countries after its debut on 17th September 2021.

Bridgerton, Netflix’s second-best show now had this record previously where it got 82 million views at its debut on Christmas 2020. According to Netflix at least two minutes of view of any episode is counted as a view. Netflix even aided Squid Game by letting the show be dubbed and subtitled in the 30 most common languages in the world.

Squid Game’s number release was strategically decided as Netflix is releasing its third-quarter financial result in a week and to sell the company’s value to the investors. Last month at Tech Conference in California Co-CEO, Ted Sarandos, stipulated that the series is going to turn into Netflix’s biggest launch and that the popularity was completely unexpected.

The popularity of Squid Game was quite evident with widespread memes influenced by the show, real-world versions of the games played in the show, and Squid Game-inspired costumes for the upcoming Halloween season. In South Korea, the show has put focus on societies with destructive competitiveness. And globally the viewers’ newfound interest in the country’s culture and language.

The show comes in a similar genre to Lupin, Dark, and Money Heist. Squid Game follows contestants who play their childhood games, but with fatal consequences, to win a sum of 45.6 billion dollars.

Jeffery Bezos, founder and chairman of Amazon, also tweeted admiration for Netflix in regards to Squid Game, “Reed Hastings and Ted Sarandos and the team at Netflix get it right so often. Their internationalization strategy isn’t easy, and they’re making it work. Impressive and inspiring. (And I can’t wait to watch the show.)”

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