Appreciate Friends Rather than Criticizing Them

If a friend is taking out time for you, appreciate rather than criticize, because you don't know what he/she is going through.

The world is moving fast ahead. With every other day, comes new responsibilities on every individual. To stay put, that too in a third world country, one needs to compete. And this competition is quite rare. You not only compete with the world, but also with our own abilities. From studying hard, to earning enough, the age group lying from 20-25 years of age has a lot in mind. Doctors are trying to find good electives, bachelors are trying hard to find a good internship and those graduated are roaming around for jobs. Everyday, fighting through the chaotic traffic, when one reaches home, they still can’t put themselves at peace. From family gatherings to issues at home, people in this age group are fighting against all odds. What they look forward to is friends.

Friends who they can walk up to when in extreme distress. Such friends are rare to find, but are really important in all of our lives. We, ourselves, might also be that friend to someone. If some friend comes up to you after a week long, rather than criticizing their absence appreciate their presence. And that is what one expects after along tiring week. Friends, with whom they can sit and laugh at jokes, and smoke their stress away. Friends with whom they can bitch about their colleagues, and can talk on random political topics. Anything to lighten up the mood.

Appreciate their efforts, help them out, motivate them towards their goals, because that is what friends do. A wise friend once said, anyone can make you smile, friends are those who stick when you feel like crying your heart out.

So kudos to those who stick around, regardless of how much time I give you all.

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