Pakistani Women Being Sold to China

According to reports, several hundred women were sold in China as brides and its shocking as well as heart breaking.

News of girls being sold in China went viral, though was brought to a halt soon. Not much attention was given to this information, as people thought of it as a hoax. However, the story stand firms still. According to the reports put forward by the officials, 629 women have been sold to Chinese men. These recorded numbers are of those, who flew. They legitimate identity and their husbands have been registered in Pakistan. This all has happened in the last couple of years only.

What is even more sad about these marriages is, that they were done without consent. According to the officials the women or girls were dealt between the Chinese and Pakistani brokers. The brokers used to take around 4 million to 10 million rupees from the groom, which nearly rounds to $25,000 to $65,000. However, the bride’s family was paid only 200,000 rupees roughly, rounding off for $1,500. The women are then forced into prostitution and other illegal activities in China. The women used to contact their families, but all in vain. Not much are even ready to talk about it because of either the money that has been given or the pressure under which they are still breathing.

When The Associated Press, AP, looked in to the issue, they found two marriage bureaus in Lahore, one out of which was sadly being operated from a Madrasa. The ‘Maulvi’ of the madrasa fled when police came in to investigate.

Something that is so bothering has been left unnoticed by our government who should have taken action by now. It is yet to see how they deal with this issue and what measures are taken to bring back those stuck in China. And what can our government do to stop this gruesome business in Pakistan.

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