Scrumptious cake products to delight your hearts

Pakistanis love to try different types of sweet dishes, which include cakes. This article looks at the four best cake products in the country.

Pakistanis are known for having an enormous sweet tooth. Which is why now a days we see so many manufactured sweet products being produced. One of the sweet delicacies that Pakistanis enjoy are cakes. Hence, it comes as no surprise that cakes are now being manufactured by different food producers. In this article we list down four highly popular cake products.

  1. Good Goodies:Established in 2018, it has become the most popular brand of cakes in the country. The different forms of flavours allow it to cater to different sorts of people with different preferences. Some of the flavours include chocolate, strawberry, banana and milk. They also have launched long cakes. Which means that they are not only bigger in size but have greater amount of filling. Its long cake flavours include red velvet, strawberry, vanilla and chocolate.
    The different flavours of Good Goodies


  2. Peek Frean’s Cake Up:Peek Freans latest manufactured delicacy is one its best selling products. Its soft cake exterior and smooth inner filling makes it a highly popular sweet snack for people of all age brackets. What makes it stand out among all other competitors is that it’s products are highly affordable for the masses. Some of its flavours include strawberry, chocolate and caramel.
    The different flavours of Cake Up


  3. Hilal’s Kake:Hilal has been known for producing some of the best candies in the country. Thus, it is no surprise that it has outdone itself by coming out with the launch of Kake. The spongy exterior and silky inner filling makes it highly popular snack for both children and adults. Some of it flavours include strawberry, chocolate, orange and banana.
    The four different flavours of Kake


  4. Bisconni’s Flo: From the makers of cocomo, comes another sweet delicacy called Flo. Covered in rich chocolate, the product comes in both chocolate and vanilla flavour. The chocolate cake covered in chocolate ganache makes it an extremely delightful sweet product for those who deem themselves as chocolate lovers.
    Flo has only chocolate and vanilla cake.


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