Are People Justifying Necrophilia In Pakistan?

Necrophilia, act of taking part in sexual relations with dead bodies, has turned into the stuff of frightful legend, Yet, such heinous people still reed among us.

Be that as it may, while the taboo is exceptionally forbidden in our general public, genuine necrophiliacs (or necrophiles) are alive and among us. It is safe to say that they are the debilitated beasts we’ve found in films and TV shows, or are they as same as all of us?

Serial killers such as Ed Gein, Gary Ridgeway, and Jeffrey Dahmer, are not the only the only ones who made the news. Back in October 2011, a news of a necrophiliac came under the spotlight. “A man who used to dig up bodies of recently deceased women and defile them was arrested from a graveyard in Paposh Nagar on Saturday. The caretaker of the graveyard, was responsible for watering the graves.”

“According to complaints received by the police, some people had been raping corpses of recently buried women. A police officer at the Nazimabad police station said the detainee has admitted raping at least 48 dead women in the past few months.”

Well, a video resurfaced on internet, in which Muhammad Riaz gives gruesome details regarding his misconducts. In this interview, he also reveals that he was not the only culprit. On investigation he said, “I got a job through one of the gorkans. His name was Wazir and he died two years ago,” he said. “Wazir taught me.”

necrophilia in pakistan- runway pakistanYes, this is as insane as it sounds, it can send chills down any sane person’s spine!

While everybody were insanely shocked with the story, there was one not so sane individual, Hamza Khan, who went to extraordinary lengths to legitimize this terrible act of necrophilia.

According to Mr. Hamza Khan in one of his tweets, “Most likely i think she might be covered in tight coffin etc…during burial maybe these men saw her body shape and hence decided to did this!!

People should stop wrapping females this way…There is also quranic ayaht which says to women to wear loose clothes,,, even in burial”.

Hamza Khan, did not seem to put a stop to his foolish comments right there. He proceeded to state that men are made along these lines and when ladies push them by wearing uncovering garments they wind up raping them.

He felt no disgrace in advocating necrophilia and kept on justifying this ghastly crime. He further had the audacity to state that it was anything but a major ordeal considering the fact that those women were dead.

Dead or Alive no one in their right mind should ever justify rape.

As a society, we really are way back in time than ever because no sane human race would ever justify the act of necrophilia or let alone a necrophiliac.

My question is people are really justifying rape, necrophilia, assault, and many other gruesome crimes just because it involves a woman?

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