Asim Jofa Creates Protective Gear for Doctors

Asim Jofa will start production of protective gear for doctors, which he started working on two days back and succeeded in getting the designs approved!

Two days ago, Asim Jofa posted on his Instagram that he wants to give back to the society. During these challenging times, he’s working along with his team to start production of protective gear such as hazmat suits. He will be providing these suits to all the doctors who are working tirelessly without any protection and risking their lives.

Asim wrote to his fans on Instagram:

“Let’s fight back! Asim Jofa and team have taken an initiative to contribute to society and play our part in helping our frontliners to win this fight against corona virus. We have started working on stitching protective gear for doctors and medical staff to wear for their safety. Please share and tag and support us in this noble cause. We appreciate all that our frontliners are doing and stand by them in this time of need.”

Within two days, Asim Jofa made his first prototype. He got the design approved and also worked on two different types of materials. Last night, he posted an IGTV video where he shared the details about his work. He has perfected the suit and will be starting the production from tomorrow.

“Asim Jofa with his team had taken up the task for this good cause and we are very happy to announce within less than 48 hours we have successfully created a final prototype of a medical protective suit made according to the guidelines provided by medical experts and thankfully we have gotten it approved by esteemed team of Dr. Seemin Jamali, Executive Director at JPMC. The production starts from tomorrow.”

It’s wonderful to see people like him working for doctors and giving back to them. People from the medical industry have been working day and night, some aren’t even getting rest. While we all are resting at home, designers like Asim Jofa are working for the greater good and using their resources and expertise in the best way possible.

We wish him the best of luck. May he succeed in this selfless mission and make us all proud by stepping in at the right time!

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