Awkward and Embarrassing stories that Everyone can relate with

Everyone comes across an awkward and embarrassing situation at work sometimes be it spilling coffee everywhere or sending out the wrong email to your boss!

Everyone comes across an awkward and embarrassing situation at work sometimes be it spilling coffee on your colleague or sending out the wrong email to your boss. I recently asked my colleagues and friends to share their most awkward moments at work and they delivered. Here are some of the most awkward and embarrassing moments everyone can agree with. No matter how much you try there are bound to be some incidents you can not forget or make others forget.

No corporate experience is complete without a tech mishap:

  • Everyone showed up for a meeting on the wrong day because I had incorrectly scheduled it..
  • I got caught hiding in the bathroom using my phone.
  • “I sent out an angry tirade about my incompetent team members to my boss. I think I actually used the words ‘a disgusting bunch of idiots”. Didn’t realize I pressed ‘Reply to all…
  • I sent out “I hope that nasty little dog finally dies so we don’t have to hear about it anymore!” intended for my colleague, to my boss, about her dog. Kill me.
  • I sent an email badmouthing a person to that same individual, I can’t even look her in the eye anymore.

 Then there are also moments with mistaken identity:

  • I handed an award during a recognition ceremony to the WRONG PERSON!
  • I accidentally called a male customer ‘ma’am’ on the phone and she hung up!
  • I greeted two clients who were sisters as mother and daughter!

Then there are those bathroom moments:

  • I was having a really bad day at work and felt like I was going to cry, so I took a loo break to call my boyfriend. It was silent in there so I proceeded to rant and cry for 10 minutes about how I was going to stomp out in a blaze of glory. Then I heard the toilet next to me flush! I ran away so I still have no idea who heard me!
  • I had a big dinner last night and had to use the office loo in the morning. After I was done with my business I realized that the flush was not working…woman with her hair over her face with caption "Is it over yet?"

No embarrassing situation is complete without some food disasters:

  • I spilled my food on my outfit while having lunch with a client.
  • I didn’t realize until after a meeting that my zipper was down…
  • I sneezed while eating and food flew everywhere.
  • I ate the wrong lunch out of the refrigerator and could not muster up the courage to admit it was me when my colleague raised hell in the office.

Last but not the least, I ripped my pants while bending down to pick up my file, and safe to say I was the last person to leave the office or rather my seat that day!

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