Our Top Picks for Your Women’s Day Movie Night

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, here's a compilation of our top picks for all the women and men staying at home today.

As Pakistani’s and the rest of the world celebrates International Women’s Day dedicated to all the women- strong, amazing, inspirational and beautiful- amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, here’s a compilation of our top picks for all the women and men wary of collectively celebrating, and therefore staying at home.


Queen (2014 film) - WikipediaIf anything, the first of our top picks is Queen because the plot primarily revolves around the notion of not needing a man to go on your honeymoon. Although the idea seemed ridiculous to many, Kangana Ranaut in the film challenges the notion by departing for her honeymoon despite the cancellation of her wedding where she rediscovers herself and adapts to a new environment. This top pick garnered major success due to the stereotypes it broke, sending across a powerful message in conventional societies.






Dangal (2016) - IMDbAnother one of our top picks is Amir Khan’s inspirational and empowering, Dangal. The movie apart from empowering women, promotes gender equality, family relationships and women in male-dominated sports such as wrestling. This movie battles practices of honour killing which are stemmed from ideologies/ notions of the birth of a girl indicating a ‘burden’ on the family.









Pink Movie Poster (#1 of 3) - IMP AwardsAmitabh Bachchan’s tremendous movie Pink has made the list due to the important issues the movie explores. Apart from the veteran actor who plays the role of a lawyer, the other lead role is played by Taapsee Pannu who is shown fighting against sexual harassment and abuse by sons of influential people of the country. Besides that, the movie also explores the hardships and complexities women have to go through to prove themselves as victims of sexual violence in predominantly patriarchal societies.








English Vinglish

English Vinglish (2012) | Reel Thoughts

Sri Devi’s (late) masterpiece, English Vinglish revolves around her role in an Indian household as a housewife who is repeatedly mocked by her educated family for her poor English speaking skills. Sri Devi manages to deliver her role with finesse in the heart-warming and eye-opening movie where she manages to overcome her shortcomings independently in a foreign English-speaking land.









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