Nadia Jamil Reveals Her Struggles With Baldness

Actress Nadia Jamil has been sharing her journey of breast cancer has recently opened up about her baldness and how she was bullied for it.

Actress Nadia Jamil, who has through her social media platforms, shared her journey of being diagnosed with breast cancer and her battle with it, recently opened up about her baldness, how she was bullied for the way she looked and how she overcame these insecurities.

In her post, she encouraged her followers to embrace their appearances, whether bald or not and recognise their individual beauties.

“To all those beautiful bald men and women out there, wear your baldness with pride!

“Don’t let taunts, negativity, ignorant comments, hurt. Hold your head high. I was called all kinds of names, but smiled because the truth is, when I lost my hair, I realised I loved my face and I am beautiful; and so are you!” wrote the brave and courageous Nadia Jamil.

Nadia has repeatedly spoken about her experience very openly to be a source of inspiration and encouragement to anyone going through similar sufferings. Previously, Nadia Jamil took an opportunity to remember how she felt without hair and the lessons she learned from her experience, expressing readiness to move forward with a new perspective.

“I will never forget facing and overcoming the fear of being bald, of feeling beautiful with no hair,” Nadia had said. “Bald Cancer Nado taught me how to be my own best friend. Alhamdolillah.


“Chemo is a battle,” Nadia had said. “But I’m without fear, in solitude held tight, cocooned in Allah’s love. Every lesson sent I try to learn. Pain, sickness is all a journey to healing and patience.”

Although Nadia has been very positive about her battle with breast cancer, she has remained real and upfront about the pain and struggles of the illness, even revealing how she almost went into a coma once due to being diabetic.

Nadia Jamil is truly an inspirational and remarkable woman with a strong determination to face challenges. Here’s to her strength; we are sending more power her way and wishing that she is back on her feet soon so that we can see her return to our television screens soon.

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