Azaan Sami Khan On Perks of Nepotism

Being the son of actor Zeba Bakhtiar and singer Adnan Sami gives Azaan Sami Khan an advantage in the field of entertainment, which he publicly recognised.

Azaan Sami Khan, a singer and actor, is one of the few celebrity children that have achieved success in music. He has gained recognition for writing songs for TV dramas and films including Ishq-e-Laa, Superstar, Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay, and Parey Hut Love. He is the son of famous former Pakistani musician Adnan Sami Khan and Pakistani actress Zeba Bakhtiar.

In an interview with Nida Yasir on her programme Shan e Shahoor on ARY Digital on April 17, Azaan currently shared his thoughts on nepotism.

Celebrity children frequently draw criticism for landing jobs based more on their social standing than on their abilities. According to the presenter, having renowned parents gives you benefits as well as drawbacks in the field. Nida Yasir questioned Azaan about some of the advantages and difficulties he has encountered.

“There are a lot of benefits. If today I sit here and say that there are a lot of struggles then that would be wrong. Faide hote hain,” Azaan Sami Khan said,  “It depends on your upbringing whether you exploit those benefits or not.”

“These are very simple benefits that you know people if you want to come into the industry. This is one side of the benefits. The biggest advantage that I see is, for example, if I wanted to become a host then I could meet one of the best hosts in Pakistan like you [Nida Yasir]. Coming to you to learn would not have been hard.”

“My mother would have called you and said Azaan wants to learn from you, can he come and observe and assist you? There is that accessibility,” the singer added.

Identical to this, he said to Nida Yasir, he used to go to the studio of renowned Pakistani musician Waqar Ali to learn composing. “Now that access to that art, knowledge, to be able to sit with people who are experts in their fields is the biggest advantage,” Azaan Sami Khan said.

Azaan Sami responded that because his mother is an actress, his entire childhood has been lived on, sets in response to the host’s question on where he learnt acting. He said it’s been a long since he has gone to a studio, but coming here he feels like he is coming home, remarked Azaan.

It is the most at-home place for him because he would head to school afterwards to go to his mother’s PTV or film shoot.

The actor-singer disproved the notion that because star children are under pressure to live up to their parent’s expectations, their lives are equally difficult or more difficult than those of non-famous children while discussing the drawbacks. “If you are choosing this career, and on your first day you are being compared to a legend, then that itself is also an advantage. I understand that it causes pressure, but after a while, it gets easier,”  he said.

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