Back To School Must Haves!

Summer 2018 passed by in the blink of an eye, now its back to regular old routine and we’ve rounded up a list of must have items which are bound to make you look forward to school, which you’d dread otherwise..

Back Packs

Chic solid colored backpacks are trending this season!

AccessorizeTessa Lock Backpack 8350

Monsoon– Tan Binky Backpack 10150


Its a staple for any backpack when you’re returning to school, get a funky twist on the basic stationery with this Mermaid Inspired Stationery line.

AccesorizeMermaid Theme: Journal, Jelly Pencilbox, mermaid pencil, calculator

Water Bottle

Its best to keep a sturdy wattle bottle at handy for Quenching your thirst on the regular

Miniso Water Bottle-499

Lip & Cheek Stain

For the girls, a must-have makeup staple would be this lightweight cheek stain which you can apply on-the-go.
TarteCheek Stain 3450