Sahir Ali Bagga Calls Out Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Over Credit for Hit Song ‘Zaroori Tha’

Sahir Ali Bagga recently highlighted an issue on his social media post regarding the lack of recognition for his contribution to the hit song 'Zaroori Tha'.

Renowned musician Sahir Ali Bagga recently took to social media to voice his thoughts on the recognition owed to him by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan for the hit song ‘Zaroori Tha’. 

In a candid Facebook post, Bagga not only praised the talent of Rahat but also underscored the importance of acknowledging the contributions of creators in the music industry.

Sahir Ali Bagga's Facebook Post
Sahir Ali Bagga’s Facebook Post

Bagga, a composer himself, expressed pride in promoting Pakistani talent globally and highlighted his collaboration with Yousuf Salahuddin Sahab to nurture budding stars. Describing ‘Zaroori Tha’ as a historic milestone, Bagga lamented the lack of acknowledgement for his role in its success, despite the song’s immense popularity and critical acclaim.

“The desire of a star-maker is not just money, I am also a composer and I am proud that my Allah has given me the ability to work hard for the talent of my country, and there is no doubt that Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is the best talent of Pakistan.”

He continued, “I have always tried to make the talent of our Pakistan recognised all over the world, and in helping this initiative, Yousuf Salahuddin Sahab helped me in the form of the heritage of the Virsa, and many stars have also been made. I created a song, titled ‘Zaroori Tha’. This is a song which I myself did not know that I would create this song and it would become a historical song of the Pakistani music industry.”

Asserting his right as a creator, Bagga appealed to Rahat to recognize his contribution to the song’s achievement. Stressing the importance of honesty and transparency, he vowed to call out anyone attempting to withhold credit from rightful creators.

“Today this song is at the top in terms of Pakistani music, industry, and content, it’s very close to two billion views on YouTube in one play, and if my right is only to be given as a creator, which only the hero of this project Rahat Fateh Ali Khan can give, and for some reason he is not giving it, then he should explain to Rahat Fateh Ali Khan why he is not giving me the credit for this achievement?” 

“And if I have lied hypocritically to anyone, then I have called every person a hypocrite who wants to hide the truth and is trying to take someone’s right. Allah has blessed Rahat Fateh Ali Khan with good abilities, he should give me my right as a human being,” he conclusively stated.

The singer shared a video of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan from Talks at Google with Express Tribune wherein Rahat was discussing how the song was picked up. The ‘O Re Piya’ crooner was joined by Salman from his management team. Salman labelled ‘Zaroori Tha’, upon listening, the “song of the album.”

Rahad elaborated, “In 2014, we launched the album. Obviously, we must have been making it since 2013. I sang this song in 2012. And I sang it somewhere, it was completely like raw material, just kept there. We were preparing music for the album, played one or two tracks. Salman Bhai was with me, he said he wanted that particular song. I said no, this song has been given to someone else. I can’t give it. He said we’ll take it, and then we properly carried it. I said it’s a slow-tempo song. It’s sad, and the lyrics direct one towards good. He really liked the track.”

“I had been telling Rahat and his managers for 10 years to add my name to the YouTube description, and Rahat and his team did not add it. I tolerated it for 10 years and now I could not tolerate it anymore. So I posted on my social network that I have been treated hypocritically.”

Bagga reiterated his stance, citing evidence of his involvement in the song’s creation. Despite repeated requests over the years, he felt compelled to address the issue publicly to assert his rights as an artist.

The video he shared has been referenced and discussed above. Conclusively, Bagga said, “This song was released in 2014 and it is now 2024. Despite my repeated requests, my rights were not given to me, so I posted what I felt was right on my social network,” stated Bagga.

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and his team have not responded to the accusation yet.