Balochi Activist Karima Baloch Found Dead in Canada

Karima Baloch was a vocal critic of the Pakistan government and was an activist for human rights violations committed on the people of Balochistan.

Human rights activist, Karima Baloch was found dead in Toronto, Canada on Sunday. She was a vocal critic of the Pakistani government and actively worked to highlight human rights violations carried out upon the people of Balochistan.

35-year-old Karima was last seen at approximately 15:00 in the Bay Street and Queens Quay West area. The Toronto Police carried out a search with the help of the public, however, shortly after her family confirmed that the body was found.

Karima Baloch raised the issue of gender inequality in Pakistan at the United Nations during the 39th Session of the Human Rights Council in 2018. Her speech said: “If a woman is killed by her brother in the name of honour, the Islamic law allows him to settle the case with the father or the rest of the family. In most of the cases, the family forgives the murderer who goes scot-free. Also, as a testimony of two women is equal to one man, rape cases are less likely to be decided in favour of the victims.”

Karima added: “Apart from these basic flaws in the legal system, religious groups have launched an assault against the women’s freedom throughout Pakistan, especially in Balochistan.”

In 2016, BBC included Karima Baloch in their ‘BBC 100 Women 2016’ list of “inspirational and influential” women for her work around and involving “campaigns for independence for Balochistan from Pakistan.”

Karima is not the first Balochi activist who has been found dead. In May this year, Balochi journalist, Sajid Hussain also the founder and chief editor of The Balochistan Post, who had consistently highlighted human rights violations that Baloch people were being subjected towards was found dead in Sweden after going missing from the city of Uppsala earlier in March.

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