Being An Overseas Student (Pros and Cons).

More and more Pakistani students are going abroad to study. This article helps to highlight some of the pros and cons of being an international student.

Studying overseas can be highly beneficial for a young person. A student can gain so much from studying abroad. There are so many lessons one can learn through this enriching experience. One such lesson is responsibility.

When studying abroad one must take the responsibility of not only completing their assignments on time. Students must also manage their budgets properly and be responsible for taking care of their health. Students also have the added responsibility of taking care of their important documents such as passports and transcripts.

A student also learns how to manage their finances properly as well. They will develop a better understanding of how to better allocate their money. Students would have a greater importance for the value of money. Being overseas allows people to learn about different cultures and customs. This sort of knowledge makes them more worldly and allows them to have greater knowledge about the world around them.

By meeting different people, a student can learn to become more tolerant towards people of different cultures and backgrounds. By seeing so much diversity around them, they become more accepting of differences. Meeting people with differing viewpoints and perspectives can make a person more liberal in their thinking and more open minded towards people with viewpoints that differ from them.



However, being an international student also comes with its disadvantages. One of them being susceptible to feelings of depression and loneliness. Being far away from home and away from ones comfort can be an unsettling experience for many. Especially for those who are more shy and introverted. Being an international student can also make one feel home sick.

Despite these drawbacks, there are many benefits to being an international student and is definitely an experience that will not only be memorable but enriching and beneficial.

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