Several Dead in New Zealand Volcano Eruption

According to the reports, several people have been killed in a volcano eruption in Whakaari Island, New Zealand.

The volcano eruption took place on Monday at 02:00 PM (01:00 GMT), which resulted in 12,000 ft ash to rise up in the sky. There were tourists on the Island, as per reports, who came to enjoy their trip to New Zealand. Moreover, New Zealand guides were also present at the Island at that moment. At the tome of eruption, there were more than fifty people visiting the Island. Reportedly 13 people have been burned to death at Whakaari Island due to volcano eruption in NZ. Moreover, 31 people have been brought down to the hospitals in serious conditions. 27 out of the injured have 71% burns on their body surface.

Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister New Zealand, expressed “unfathomable grief” over what happened on the Islands. “The focus this morning is on recovery and ensuring police can do that safely,” Ardern told a news conference. She also added, saying “Your loved ones stood alongside Kiwis who were hosting you here and we grieve with you”. Moreover she expressed her grievousness by saying “To those who have lost or are missing family and friends, we share in your unfathomable grief and in your sorrow”. The police, however, is quite reluctant to go to the rescue on foot. “We will only go to the island when it is safe to do so for our people,” police spokesman Bruce Bird said.

It is quite unsure yet, why were people at the Island at the first place. The Island is supposedly a home to an active volcano,which can erupt any time. According to the scientists, there was an activity at the volcano but no eruption was expected any time soon.

The local police is looking in to this matter and will provide a justification soon.

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