A New Global Target of Hate and Discrimination

The article highlights how nationalist far right governments and parties are carving out a new target of hate and discrimination, Muslims.

An example of such hateful rhetoric seen in this anti immigrant protest.

Throughout recorded history, people seen as different have always been targeted. They have been the center of many vile hate campaigns and speeches. They have been scapegoated for all of society’s ills. This sort of rhetoric has often manifested itself into forms of physical violence against the group of people being vilified. Such rhetoric also results in laws discriminating the targeted community.

In the past, groups such as the Jewish community have felt victim to such kind of rhetoric in Nazi Germany. The spiteful rhetoric and discrimination culminated in one of the most deadliest genocides in recorded history, the Holocaust. Similarly, many religious, racial and ethnic groups throughout history have fell victim to hateful rhetoric and constant vilification which has often resulted in acts of violence being committed against them.

US president Trump is well known for his bigoted statements against Muslims.

Lately, the latest group to be demonized are Muslims. Whether they be refugees or citizens, they are often subjected to bigoted rhetoric and policies. They are often attributed as the reason for all sorts of violent acts around the world. They are seen as a form of instability and as a threat to a country’s culture and traditions. This sort of hate speech has inspired many different forms of violence and discrimination.

Far right anti Muslim parties in Europe.

This can all be seen through the actions and policies of various non Muslim governments towards their Muslim minority population. In the west, far right parties have come to power or gained large number of seats in parliament. They gained popularity through their anti immigrant rhetoric, which often demonized Muslim immigrants or communities living in these countries.

India’s right wing prime minister Narendra Modi.

In neighboring India, Muslim minorities are facing severe discrimination. This is quite evident through some of the acts of mob lynching taking place in the country. Similarly in China, Uighur Muslims are being tortured and detained against their will. In Myanmar, Rohingya Muslims are victims of ethnic cleansing whereas in Israel, Palestinians are often subjected to ill treatment and severe human rights abuses.

The examples highlighted above shed a light on how Muslims have become the new target of global bigotry and discrimination. The hate directed towards Muslim communities around the world is reminiscent of similar vilification directed towards other sort of minorities in the past. It is almost as if history is repeating itself.

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