Best Handmade Men’s Shoes In Pakistan

Here's a list of few handmade shoe brands for men in Pakistan.

Without a decent pair of shoes every outfit is incomplete. So, with a pair of statement-making shoes you’re most likely to make an impression. Shoes and Men – they are some serious business. Most men are serious about their shoes, therefore, they identify their preferences quite early. When it comes to purchasing shoes, men prefer handmade or custom-made shoes more.

From the quality of leather used in the shoe-making to the type of sole are some of the reasons why handmade shoes are preferred. Here are few Pakistani brands that make exclusive handmade shoes for men! Keep scrolling! 


Best Handmade Men's Shoes In Pakistan - Runway Pakistan

  • Markhor:

The brand named after an endangered breed of wild goat Markhor, native to Pakistan’s northern areas. The leather used for the products comes from the animals that have been bred for meat intake only. Their shoes reflects the philosophy by traditional craftsmanship.


Best Handmade Men's Shoes In Pakistan - Runway Pakistan

  • TSM and Co:

The Shoemakers and Co. built their shoes around elegance, great craftsmanship, moderate trends and classiness. Constructed from high-end calf leather and patented multilayered Italian skin soles for the comfort and class.


Best Handmade Men's Shoes In Pakistan - Runway Pakistan


  • TLC (The Leather Crafts):

Uncompromising standards and seeking out expert craftsmen they are able to achieve ever-increasing standards of excellence. TLC creates handcrafted shoes to match the comfort with modernity classics with contemporary style and reverence for tradition.



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