Best Netflix Christmas Movies Of All Time

As Christmas is around the corner, this is the best time to release Christmas movies. Here is a list of the best Netflix Christmas movies of all time.

As Christmas is around the corner, this is the best time to release Christmas movies. Here is a list of the best Netflix Christmas movies of all time.

Since a very young age, we all have always been enjoying Christmas movies, watching those romantic comedies has always been fun for me. And the stories are always so cute and sweet too.

Now Netflix releases a bunch of these amazing Holiday Christmas movies every year at Christmas time and everyone loves them. Here I’ve compiled all the best ones that have been trending all these years and some of them are also gonna release this year.

The Princess Switch

the best netflix christmas movies

The film’s concept of two people running into one another who look identical and switch places comes from Mark Twain’s 1881 novel The Prince and the Pauper. It was released on November 16, 2018, by Netflix. It was followed by a sequel, The Princess Switch: Switched Again, which premiered on November 19, 2020.

It is a very cute movie featuring Vanessa Hudgens as the main lead, in which a baker Vanessa Hudgens switches places with Princess Vanessa Hudgens.

A Christmas Prince

The best netflix christmas movies

Christmas comes early for an aspiring young journalist when she’s sent abroad to get the scoop on a dashing prince who’s poised to be the King. This movie has 2 sequels A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding and A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby and I really like all 3 of them.

Rose McIver is just enough ‘innocent-looking’ to make this work. Nicest performance by Honor Kneafsey as the handicapped princess, gaining confidence from her non-teacher. Ben Lamb is a prince as the story demands; Alice Krige appears the run-of-the-mill conservative, old queen, but with a few devious traits she saves the role. In short, sentimental, but just right for Christmas.

The Knight Before Christmas

A medieval knight is transported to the present day, where he falls for a high school science teacher who’s disillusioned by love.

Brooke is a woman that has lost hope of finding her “happily ever after” and comes across Cole, a knight who has traveled from the 14th century. Cole has been sent into the future by an old crone to fulfill his destiny of being a true knight. After accidentally hitting him with her car, Brooke thinks that he is suffering from amnesia as he tells her that he is a knight. She wants to protect Cole so she takes him in to help him until he regains his memory. What she doesn’t realize is that he is the knight in shining armor that she’s been wishing for all her life.

The Christmas Chronicles

The Christmas Chronicles is a 2018 American Christmas comedy film, directed by Clay Kaytis. It is the first installment in The Christmas Chronicles film series.

The plot follows two children, Kate and Teddy, who notice Santa Claus in their home and jump into his sleigh with his reindeer; however, the sleigh eventually malfunctions and crashes, and the Christmas presents are lost. As Christmas morning approaches, it is up to the children and Santa to save Christmas by correctly delivering all presents.

I loved the first part a lot, as it’s a cute Christmas movie, that everyone enjoys watching no matter how old they are. Now with its 2nd film, which just came out some time back, I love it even more. I would say this is the best Netflix Christmas movie for me.

Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey

the best netflix christmas movies

“Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey” is a 2020 American Christmas musical fantasy film, it is both modern and, at the same time, pleasantly old-fashioned in its magical tale, elaborate sets and wardrobes, and ensemble musical numbers. This is just another musical that I fell in love with. This movie came out in November 2020, just in time for the Christmas movie season.

I personally loved its art direction and how it is so pleasing to the eyes; its colorful set and wardrobe is just beautiful. Some people say it’s a little bit slow-paced but I like these movies being a little slow and interesting.

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