Best Shows To Binge Watch On Netflix

We have come out with an article that highlights some of the most entertaining and captivating shows on Netflix for you to binge watch.

One of the best forms of chilling is lying on your bed while binge watching your favourite show on Netflix. Each month a new show comes out that aims to captivate the viewer’s interest. With so much content on Netflix to watch, we have come out with an article that showcases some of the best shows to watch on Netflix.


A show that is based on the true real life events of the 2008-11 Washington and Colorado serial rape cases, the show centers around two female detectives who set out on a mission to uncover the truth. The storyline is thrilling and captures the essence of some of the horrific ordeals that victims of rape have to go through in order to prove the validity of their story. The cast’s performance is also another plus side of the show.

The Crown:

Centered around the life of British monarch Queen Elizabeth II, The Crown is easily one of the best shows to watch on Netflix. The first two seasons focused on the early period of Queen Elizabeth II’ reign. Although the creators of the show claim that the latest season will focus on the deterioration of Princess Margaret and Lord Snowden’s Marriage, many viewer’s attention will be on Claire Foy’s performance following her Emmy Award victory for the role of Queen Elizabeth II.

The Politician:

One of the newest shows on Netflix, The Politician details the life of Payton Hobart (played by Ben Platt) who dreams of being the president of the US. However, he must first conquer the first step towards achieving that goal, which is becoming student body president. The show is a dark comedy that highlights some of the extreme lengths to which Hobart and his rivals are willing to go to become student body president.

Peaky Blinders:

One of the most popular shows on Netflix, the latest season has received positive reviews from fans and critics a like. The story revolves around Thomas Shelby, who helps his family the Shelbys gain power over the city of Birmingham. This highly popular crime drama is sure to capture the attention of the viewer. Just to show how popular this show is, the last episode garnered seven million views in the UK alone.

Black Mirror:

We can not make a list of the best shows to binge watch on Netflix without talking about one of the most thrilling and captivating shows on the platform, Black Mirror. The Charlie Brooker drama details a future where technology has taken over people’s lives. Apart from the thrilling storyline, the show is also known for the incredible performance of its cast.


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