Bill Gates and Imran Khan Discuss Matters

In a telephonic conversation held between PM Imran Khan and Bill Gates, the two discussed Pakistan’s COVID-19 response and polio eradication.

On Wednesday, December 9, 2020, a telephonic conversation was held between Prime Minister Imran Khan and Microsoft founder Bill Gates. The two discussed Pakistan’s response and combat against COVID-19 and the eradication of polio.

The premier shared Pakistan’s policy to control and alleviate the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the health and economy of the nation. Imran Khan also briefed Bill Gates on Pakistan’s national coordinated efforts that are being implemented through ‘smart lockdowns’ which are aimed at mitigating the risks of civilians succumbing to the virus.

Imran Khan acknowledged the Gates Foundation’s continued support of the Ehsaas Programme, which provides for the most vulnerable sectors of Pakistan’s population that benefit from its expertise in health, nutrition and financial inclusion. Moreover, he lauded the foundation for strong advocacy for the supply of safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines to all developing countries across the globe.

Meanwhile, Bill Gates commended Pakistan’s efforts to combat the second-wave of the coronavirus whilst stimulating the nation’s economic growth.

Imran Khan also thanked the Gates Foundation for its critical and consistent support in establishing Pakistan’s emergency management capacity for polio eradication, whilst also highlighting that anti-polio campaigns are being spread across the nation, reaffirming that polio eradication will remain a top priority for Pakistan.

PM Imran Khan and Bill Gates agreed to continue working together on the shared objectives of eradicating polio and combating the COVID-19 pandemic.

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