Body Positivity Should Be Promoted

Everyone is different and we can truly call Pakistan a diverse land. However, not many of them are happy with how they look which is why we should promote body positivity.


“What is body positivity?”, you may ask. In the era of the internet, I’m sure many are aware. It’s a social movement which wants every human being to be comfortable in their own body. It promotes that there’s no harm in being different and one should embrace themselves. This movement challenges the ways society portrays body and the criteria of beauty standards.

Pakistan is a beautiful country with many people from different backgrounds. Everyone is different and we can truly call Pakistan a diverse land. However, not many of them are happy with how they look and it’s quite sad to see them struggle to change themselves. Yes, we have a diverse land but we lack in embracing and promoting that quality. It’s what makes our country so unique yet we fail to acknowledge it because there’s no concept of body positivity.

We’ve set some global standards for beauty and if one doesn’t fall into that category then they’re not considered appropriate. Thus, making a few of us feel like misfits and outcasts. It’s not really true because there are 7.53 billion people living in over 190 countries who cannot look the same and fit into one category. It’s insane to make people believe that they can look a certain way and if they don’t then they’re not beautiful or handsome.

In the western world, people are becoming more accepting of plus-size models. I’ve seen plus size clothing options over there and also seen some chubbier models walk the ramp which really just warms my heart. Whilst in Pakistan, the fashion industry is still not accepting the idea of chubbier models. They’re stuck with the idea that models need to be a size zero. I’ve interviewed many models who have shared their experiences of being rejected for many projects only because they aren’t a certain size.

I have been into such situations as well where I get told that I’m too short or too skinny. For a long time, I believed it and thought I wasn’t good enough, but then I heard the same people calling out my sister for being too chubby. It made me realize that it’s the mindset that we need to change. People will never be happy with anything and always try to bring the other person down.

We need to speak up and start embracing the bodies in which we were born. We also need to give such people a shutup call who only bring others down. It’s not okay to make someone feel bad about how they look because they were born like that. Body positivity needs to be promoted so that the younger generation can grow up to be confident.

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